Project Description


  • Design and produce a sales toolkit for an automated supply cabinet 
  • Cabinet was being phased out as the salesforce found it too challenging to learn all of its functions
  • Kaiser Permanente Hospitals approached us asking for an RFP to install them in all of their hospitals
  • Complete the project in two weeks so the sales teams will be proficient in their demos
  • Take over the project after the originator’s failure to complete it due to creative and technical difficulties


  • Designed, created, and produced all items associated with the sales toolkit
  • The kit included a computer bag, a flash drive for storing all product demos, laminated product sales cards featuring scannable demos, and a scanner
  • Company-branded computer bag designed to accommodate all parts of the demo together in one place for easy retrieval and demonstrations
  • Ensured each salesperson received a kit by shipping the units to their homes
  • Secured the necessary budget to complete the new and improved version of the project

Note: Kaiser pulled their contract; however, the toolkit was so successful in training the salesforce that we added it back into our product line, which increased our revenue by 10%